Stenthor Morinda, from our stud, is ISO 140 as a six year old and has been approved as a stallion in three different stud books, one of which is the Selle Francais.

Please SON'T CONTACT US for nominations as we do not represent him.

Here is his foal page who shows his progress since his birth up to the year he was two.

Stenthor Morinda is a colt who was born on June 12th 2006. He is the son of Kronos d'Ouilly and Patricia, Ico Sun's daughter (descended from Marco Polo).

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Stenthor Morinda

Of course, we were not at all sure whether we would have a piebald foal as Patricia is a beautiful piebald mare (1.74m) but Kronos is a bay stallion. All the same, we decided to try since Kronos is an exceptional stallion (ISO 146, 9 years of age, and more than 32.000 Euros in winning already), with an impeccable jumping style. His sister Jubilee d'Ouilly at 10 years old won over 140.000 Euros.).

In May of 2007, Kronos is second of the Eindhoven Derby and Jubilee wins the Grand Prix. A week later, there are again second and first in the CCI 4* of Bourg en Bresse. After, it was Vichy (classified in all 3 events) and Dublin, where he was also classified 3 times, third of a CSI 5 stars competition.

Jubilee just became the 2007 French Jumping vice champion in Fontainebleau, ridden by Aymeric de Ponnat. From then on, she was part of the French team and in July 2007, she won the Hickstead Grand Prix.

Kronos d'Ouilly stood out since the age of 4 with his impressive leap which he takes across the bars. His mother, Gardenia, was a huge international winner under Spanish colours and one of the youngest daughters by the famous Graphit, who is father to chef de race, Grannus. Her contribution is some of Germany's best DNA. Legendary show-jumping horses such as Top Gun, Grannusch, Grande Dame Z as well as the stallions For Pleasure and Sandro Boy, all descend from Grannus.

When Stenthor was born, we knew that our bet had paid off: we had Kronos' son with a piebald coat and an extremely successful foal. He was large and very heavy with lovely qualities and nicely marked. He has an excellent bloodline and we intend for him to become a stallion. We hope he develops his father's jumping ability and his mother's gait as Patricia was preparing to win the St Georges prize when we bought her to make her a mare (Patricia also has jumping roots as Ico Sun, Ico and Marco Polo have all been winners or fathers of winners).

Growing up, Stenthor Morinda is showing that he will probably be just as important as his parents. He has an impressive build and strength, with a formidable character - as a youngster he was VERY difficult !