On 25th May 2008, Opaline d'Ouilly foaled and gave us a splendid, very chic filly by Mylord Carthago. Her name is Une Lady Morinda

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Une Lady Morinda

Unsurprisingly, Une Lady Morinda is not a tobiano as both her parents are single coloured. But we are delighted to state that she has inherited her father's colour. She is going to be very grey: her coat, Bay « Taupe » at birth, is speckled with white hairs.

Opaline, who was a little surprised by the arrival of Séréna Morinda 2 years ago is now a confirmed « Mum ». She adores her new born daughter and watches her like a hawk !

Reaching her first birthday, Une Lady has confirmed for us all the potential that we had expected of her since her birth. She is quite simply magnificent. Tall, elegant, racy and on top of that with a superb character. We are very proud of her.

Photos of her at 10 and a half months of age :

Our pretty filly had become the inseperable companion of Une Py and stayed with us until July 2010. After that we sent her to be broken in with “Team Alexandre Goar”. She has proved herself to be sweet and honest, and has also exhibited great potential over the few small fences she has been shown.

It was there that Aurelie saw her and decided that she should be her new mare. Seeing as Une Lady was still very young, Aurelie left her with us for the winter. Une Lady and Une Py returned to their old life (at pasture during the day, in a box at night) and continued to grow.

Aurelie came to collect Une Lady at the end of January 2011, and since then they have learnt to know one another and now they are a perfectly in tune pair (take a look at the very kind testimony Aurelie has written for us in the section "Our References").

At the start of 2013 there were the first competitions for our pretty grey mare. She will be bringing honour to the Morinda Stud and giving buckets of luck to her owner who wrote to us "I have never before ridden a horse with such potential".

Her uterine brother, Vostock Morinda is also showing a similar outstanding capability over poles. An extremely good blood line and we are counting on "Mummy Opaline" to continue to give us more excellent foals.

The first competitions of Une Lady Morinda :