Cezelma Morinda, born on the 11th of June 2007, is a superb filly, being very original with a great presence and having an attractive character. In 2013 Cezelma is now a six year old and we have decided we should abandon her foal page (which you can still see using the link below) so that we can follow her in her adult life in the company of Thomas and Magali.

Cézelma Morinda, birth to three years

This young couple having followed her since her birth on our website, fell in love with her and bought her in 2010. The filly had just been backed. Thomas has patiently worked well with her. And in 2012 Cezelma (as a five year old) showing a very pretty style and much respect for fences, made her debut in Cycles Libres. Below here she is at work.

Here she is on the day of her first competition, where she did not disappoint us. She had a magnificent clear. And then she repeated the performance at her second competition. Bravo !

At the final at Fontainebleau, Cezelma Morinda had a double clear and was 13th in the championship. She completed twelve clears out of fifteen outings. And she was fourth in her age group for winnings (for five year olds competing for the first year in Cycles Libres).

In 2013, then 2014 Cezelma and Thomas took up where they had left off the year before in the same vein : they're doing great. Congratulations !