Following an injury which halted her show jumping career, the beautiful Viki du Lurentin has been given into our care by her owner, Miss Eva Prunetta (who adores her) with the aim of her becoming a brood mare. We accepted straight away, because we already knew of the existence of Viki. She is the daughter of our very first brood mare, Stacy, who had her in 2009. We were at that time separated from Stacy (bought back later) and because of this we had never seen her filly. Nevertheless, we knew she existed since we were following Stacy's offspring and we knew Viki had a huge jump.

Viki du Lurentin, a chestnut mare (the only one of Stacy's offspring to have a whole colour since she has only ever produced coloured foals apart from this one) is extremely well bred since her sire, Napoleon d'Es carries the blood of foundation stallions CAPITOL I, CALETTO II (Cor de la Bryère) and WELLINGTON (NIMMERDOR). This is not counting ALME, a little further distant, through his son Jovau d'Or who has produced some extremely good horses - amongst others he is the sire of the mother of Ideal de la Loge! What a blood line!!!! We hope that Viki will be willing to give us coloured foals.

Stacy, whose page you can see by clicking HERE, has produced just as successfully. Her first foal, Ziggy Stardust, is already competing in 130 and 135 classes with her owner. They were vice champions of Corsica. Vizir Morinda Z, a son of Visage, seems very promising and has just gone to Stephan Lafouge, the international rider who rode his father up to Nations' Cup level. The other foals are still too young to compete except for Viki du Lurentin, injured.

In order to see Viki's exact origins, click on Viki du Lurentin

The photos below show how Viki has inherited an enormous scopy jump thanks to her origins. She has the necessary power and a perfect front action. Not only that but she is beautiful and has plenty of presence.

She seems to have also inherited the fertility of her mother since at her very first insemination, Viki took to the magnificent Ballan Soso, grandson of the famous Baloubet du Rouet.

On the 4th of June a chestnut colt was born named Balouvik Morinda Z. We were hoping for a coloured foal but Balouvik (a name reflecting his origin from Baloubet and his mother Viki) is so handsome, chic and good natured that we aren’t disapointed at all. He’s an out of the ordinary colt with an impressive musculature.

Viki was straight away covered by our young stallion Ulyss Morinda and took without any difficulty.

Viki was straight away covered by our young stallion Ulyss Morinda and took without any difficulty.

A splendid filly was born on the 17th of June 2016 : Gaia Morinda Z. Still no coloured foal, but, what a success! Gaia is very chic and also extremely nice natured with people. She sticks to them like glue.

After no possible hesitation Viki was covered again by Ulyss Morinda for 2017, hoping that this time Ulyss might decide to transmit his Tobiano gene. To continue Stacy’s line we would very much like to have a future coloured stallion, a son of Ulyss….Already we can announce to you that Viki is indeed in foal. She is clearly as fertile as her mother.