We are very happy to announce that Ulyss Morinda, born at the stud on the 23rd of May 2008, was approved as a stallion on the 17th of November 2011 by the AES (Anglo European Studbook)

He has the right to thirty coverings per year, which is the maximum authorisation possible for a three year old. The jury really liked him, complimenting us on his strength, his respect for poles and the exceptional movement of his back.

You can see here a film of this session

Now that Ulyss Morinda has been approved and started competing in 2012 in the "cycle classique " four year old and in 2013 in the five years old, we have decided to make a new page for him, in the "Breeding Stallion" section. Nevertheless, you can still access his page as a colt, which shows how he has progressed from his birth to a three year old, by clicking here.

Ulyss Morinda, birth to three years

Click on the link below to see Ulyss Morinda's origins :

Ulyss Morinda

Video of Ulyss Morinda, August 2012, 4 years old :

Video of Ulyss Morinda, July 2012, 4 years old :

Ulyss, training session, August 2013

In 2015 Ulyss will be available by IAC (frozen semen, or AI - Artificial Insemination) only.

The famous Utricule with Marc Roguet

Piperazine Laleu out of Laudanum, daughter of Utricule and grandmother of Ulyss

Here are a few photos of Ulyss Morinda, taken in 2011 (3 years old)

Ulyss's first jumps, 2011

Ulyss 3 years old, Selle Français stallion show, May 2011

Lion d'Angers, Mars 2012

Lion d'Angers, Mars 2012

His brother Sikkim Fontanel, very "signed" Laudanum, was sold as a stallion in Italy.

His uterine sister (that is, they had the same mother), Thais Fontanel, shows great ease and honest under the saddle. In 2011 and 2012, she had a season in the young horses classics, ridden by Alexandre Goar and Pierre Cabochette. One can already see that she is very competitive. She just started in 2013 in the six years old by 2 clear rounds.

Click here to see Ulyss Morinda's family

Ulyss Morinda, March 2012, 4 ans "classiques", La Roche sur Yon, double clear round

Ulyss Morinda, CIR 2012 Le Lion d'Angers

Ulyss Morinda, CIR 2012 Le Lion d'Angers

Ulyss Morinda, CIR 2012 Le Lion d'Angers

Ulyss in Dinard, August 2012

Ulyss in Dinard, August 2012

Ulyss in Dinard, August 2012

Ulyss in Dinard, August 2012

Ulyss having shown himself to be a late developer, it was decided to do very little competition wise as a five year old. He only did a few rounds, just enough to show that he would have been very at ease in the 5 year old A class. He has great potential, but we will just have to wait patiently.