What is a Sport's Horse?

A horse whose conformation and character predispose him to become an athlete in the discipline which he is most naturally suited to, that is to say Showjumping, Eventing, Dressage or Endurance - to only list the principal disciplines.

After having worked for many years with Selle Français horses for the most part (often the issue of Thoroughbreds or Anglo-Arabs like the famous Barigoule) we were seduced by the beauty and originality of Tobianos, known world wide as "Coloured Horses".

Commonly they are found amongst the breeds of horse used for leisure and are generally not particularly large, but our goal is to breed within the Sport Horse Category and to produce athletes. To begin with we started by using Dutch bloodlines, and we selected mares chosen firstly for their excellent character, then their conformation and their stunning paces.

The stud evolving, currently, we principally use whole coated Selle Français mares (or sometimes Anglo-Arabs), with a true bloodline (CSI/CSIO) and we have them inseminated by coloured stallions who have proved their quality in International Jumping competitions.

Jumping International de Liège 2009

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We now have some coloured Selle Français amongst which one, born in 2008, is our young stallion Ulyss Morinda. He is coming on very well. He was Hunter Champion of France in the 6 year old class in September 2014 under the saddle of Gael Jouan.

In 2015, returning to his true discipline, he made his debut in CSO then CSI this year under the saddle of Rik Hemeryck. In just three months he achieved the same level as the other 7 year olds, this without having competed in either the 5 year old classics nor the 6 year old ones. After numerous placings in the CSIs of Hardelot, Le Touquet, Ascona in Switzerland, and in diverse Belgian competitions……. He was assessed at the CSIYH of Macon in August 2015 where he was placed three times in three outings in the 7 year old classes (over 1.30m, 1.35m and in the final over 1.40m). He was approved as a Selle Francais stallion during the session at Fontainebleau. Without wasting any time he won the Stallion Masters for Selle Francais 7 year olds in October 2015 at Saint Lo then added to his CV at the beginning of November with two placings in the CSIYH of Liege. In particular he was 5th in the “Best of Belgium” competition.

Ulyss Morinda was classed as “Very Promising” in the Guide to Young Selle Francais Stallions 2016 issued by the ANSF and has a 5* grading for osteo-articulation from CIRALE.

At the start of 2016, as an 8 year old, he confirmed his status with some magnificent rounds in the CSI’s at Cagnes sur Mer, Bonheiden (in Belgium), Compiegne, Le Touquet and at Bourg en Bresse, his first 4*, where he made his debut in the 1.45m classes. He continued his meteoric rise with competitions in Poland, at Auvers, Fontainebleau and at Canteleu, then again at the CSI 3* at Bonheiden where he won his first 1.4m Grand Prix. Indoors, Ulyss Morinda’s career continued to blossom, with him being placed on numerous occasions in Holland, at Kronenberg where he returned twice in October and November of 2016. Finally, Ulyss took part in his first LONGINES MASTERS in Paris in the 2* and brought back third place. We are very happy with his spectacular progress.

p>Ulyss Morinda

CSI 3*in Bonheiden, September 2016

Ulyss Morinda

Ulyss Morinda
CSI 4* in Bourg en Bresse, May 2016, 145 course

Ulyss Morinda

Longines Masters Paris, December 2016, 145 course

Ulyss Morinda

Longines Masters Paris, December 2016, 145 course

Ulyss Morinda, 5th of the 140 in Kronenberg, Medium Tour, November 2016 :

Ulyss Morinda - Rik Hemeryck GPA Jump Festival, CSI 3* Cagnes sur Mer 04/09/2016 .

Ulyss Morinda is available by AI only (frozen semen).

Ulyss Morinda

Une Star Morinda, also born in 2008 is homozygous for the Tobiano gene (coloured). She is a daughter of Utah van Erpekom, who was ridden over 1.60m courses by John Whitaker. Une Star has already given us two splendid fillies by Visage (both sold whilst still on their mother) who are her veritable clones. In 2014 she had a very handsome colt exported to England and in 2015 another colt has been born, a real firebrand, by the performance stallion Visage Van de Olmehoeve. This flamboyant Selle Français named... Flamboyant V Morinda is destined to become a stallion himself. He is spectacular!.

Flamboyant, 20 September, almost 4 months

To see pictures of her grandfather Utah van Erpekom, click here

Vision Morinda, a coloured mare with an extraordinary completely spotted coat, who is out of a mare by Diamant de Sémilly and of which the base blood line is that of Flambeau C and of Caméra, in 2014 gave us a coloured colt by Canturo, sold to Belgium.

The following year, 2015, Vision’s first filly was born, Triskele Morinda Z, who is just as energetic and docile as her mother. Vision is in foal to Cambiaso Massuere (London x L’Arc de Triomphe) for April 2017.

Vision Morinda, 2009, when she was a foal

Vision Morinda

Vision Morinda, 2011, 28 months old

Our wish is to produce foals that are close to people, easy to handle thanks to an education that they will have been given when they were very young, and equally gifted in one or the other of the sporting disciplines which are practiced today. Youngsters will who follow in the footsteps of their illustrious ancestors on the competition circuit, whilst at the same time carrying the flag for coloured horses.

Virtuoso Morinda

Vishnu Morinda, Virtuoso Morinda, Viking Morinda, Velvet Morinda, May 2011

Stenthor Morinda, 4 years old's final in Fontainebleau 2010, classified Excellent

For certain people the colour Tobiano, in making their horse unique, will bring that little extra that they would love to find. There are some extraordinary colours to be seen that are nature's gift to certain creatures - bright coats with astonishing markings. No coloured horse is ever the same and the breeder always asks himself, as the birth draws near, not only which parent will his horse resemble, but also will he be born coloured !

Each foal is a new adventure and a unique being. According to their natural dispositions we part with them to very different riders, in order to try to create winning combinations and above all partnerships which attain a deep understanding of one another.

Youngters, year 2012

Vostock Morinda and Besame d'As Morinda, September 2013